Saturday, October 21, 2006


This blog is created with the intention of triggering off a Veggiedemic.

The idea of Veggiedemic comes from Malcolm Gladwell's international bestseller "The Tipping Point". In the book he asserts that the best way to understand the emergence of ideas, messages, behaviors, etc. is to think of them as epidemics because they just spread like viruses do. Epidemics, according to Gladwell, are characteristised by three principles: (1) they are contagious, (2) little changes can have big effects, (3) changes happen not slowly and steadily but suddenly. The dramatic moment in which such big, sudden changes occur is known as the Tipping Point.

Gladwell identifies three agents of change:
(1) The Law of the Few - Epidemics are driven by a handful of very special people.
(2) The Stickiness Factor - There are small and subtle ways to package and present information in a way that makes it 'stick' - memorable and irresistible.
(3) The Power of Context - Since epidemics are sensitive to the conditions and circumstances in which they occur, there are environmental changes we can make that may serve as Tipping Points.

There is therefore every hope that vegetarianism will spread like epidemics one day, and it is special people like you that will help make it happen. That is why we are appealing to you - to come up with ways to make the idea stick, and to bring about the changes that are conducive to the veggiedemic.

So, as a first step, you are invited to contribute to this blog by sharing your experiences, knowledge, resources, views and suggestions. A blog entry has been created for each of these areas. Please use the comments feature, which is located immediately under each blog entry. Let us try to make the content and readership of this blog grow and see how we can reach the Tipping Point.

Please also give your very honest views and suggestions about this blog. Thank you.


You may write about veggie experiences and stories about yourself, some people you know, or even some people you don't know but the stories of whom you think are worth sharing.


You may share your knowledge on health, nutrition, the environment, animal rights, etc.


You may recommend or share your views on books, articles, AV materials, websites, newsletters, recipes, quotes, works of art, associations, activities and congresses here.